While They’re Still Young

After playing baseball in the backyard with Big D, I came up with a list of things I would like to do with the boys “While They’re Still Young.” I am list person and always have been. I write lists for groceries, I write lists for packing before a trip, and of course J and I even wrote a list in order to pick Baby D’s name. (Finding a name when you are a teacher is like pulling teeth. It is so hard not to associate a name with a face.)

Below is my list:

-Take the boys to a Major League Baseball game.

-Make snow angels with the boys.

-Ride the Durango train when it is Winter. (Polar Express here we come.)

-Ride the RailRunner to Albuquerque with both boys.

-Ride in a hot air balloon with the boys.

-Go on the Tram with the boys.

-Play a game of freeze tag.

-Teach the boys how to jump off of a swing.

-Watch both boys give back to their community.

-Pray the rosary with both boys at least once a week.

-Read aloud all of the Harry Potter books.

Of course this is just the beginning of the list. Some things on here can be done soon because Big D is getting big so fast. Others, may have to wait. I want to keep track of this list on this blog. More importantly, I want to remember that both boys are only little once and I want to make memories for me. I have discovered that parents are correct when they state, sometimes you don’t do things for the kids, you do it for you.

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