All My (Free) Time

Staying at home has taught me that I am awful with time management. As I write this post it is nearing midnight and I have so much to clean up and to organize. I know every mom feels that way but somehow I think it may have been easier when I was working. With work I knew I had to keep to a schedule in order to not forget about the millions of things I had to finish. Now being at home has liberated me from a strict schedule. 

Our days often begin with breakfast and usually it is followed with Big D’s preschool activities. We try not to do too much everyday because I know that he is still a little boy and he should be outside playing. Sometimes we take an hour, and other times school may only take us fifteen minutes. With no place to be until I have to leave for my part-time job I have been slacking on keeping the house clean. I wonder if it really is slacking or if somehow I am learning to let it go. I hope it is the latter.

Honestly, I know I have nine hours until J comes home, everyday, but it seems as if some days I blink and the day is over. Other days I am not so lucky, these are the days where I wonder if not having a schedule is keeping me from cleaning and organizing. Learning to let go and be flexible has been a huge learning experience and I am hoping to learn how other moms do it. The goal this week is to free up my time by setting a schedule. Ideally, it would have to be flexible but being able to go to sleep before midnight would really help.

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