Walking Through Life

Baby D is now in full on walking mode. He never stops. His new mode of transportation is walking. Granted crawling was no fun when we moved into the new house. Tile plus a crawling baby means a lot of head bumps. He loves walking and is even trying to run at times to catch up to Big D. I can’t believe how big my baby is getting. This time last year he was so tiny and just a newborn and now he is acting like a toddler.

Baby D is my cuddler he loves to be held and he is always near me or J. I love it. I forgot how much fun it is to explore with him around. Big D loves helping out and there are quiet moments where I see both of them having a ball playing with each other. They both grew way too fast.

Big D is now four and it seems like I closed my eyes and poof he grew up. He is my empathetic child. He is so keen to know how another person feels. He tries his hardest to be kind and he loves to greet others.

My boys are growing too fast and sometimes I wish they would walk instead of run. For now I am going to enjoy the newness of it all. With Fall already here we have a lot of firsts planned for both boys. And right now I am going to remind myself to walk not run.

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