Our Ever Changing Life

I’ve tried blogging before in fact, this is my third attempt but I want it to be my last. I need this blog. Right now we are in the middle of a crazy move and with two boys and a dog the move is a bit hectic. My loving husband J, got a new job two hours from home and this means a lot of changes. These changes include me quitting my job. A job that I thoroughly loved and will miss. No longer will I be called Ms., my name will return once again to mom. Staying home is a new thing for me. I tried it after Baby D was born but I felt stuck. I wondered what my purpose was and I went back to work three months later. Now, I have no choice, this move means we will no longer live next to the wonderful sitter that Big D has known since he was a baby. In fact we will be closer to family but farther from the support system we have had for the past five years. I know that change is good and this blog is my attempt to record all of the good.


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